Dedon window installation

Window installation for Dedon - an upscale outdoor furniture store - I art directed while working at Sarkissian Mason. Blades of beach grass follow pedestrians as they walk by. Check it out if you're in Soho.

See the write-up in Creativity Magazine.

Brand Exploratory

Some layouts I made for a branding project.

This work was prepared for and is owned exclusively by Quaker City Mercatile and its clients.


eMusic Poster

Check out the latest issue of Rolling Stone (the one with John Lennon on the cover) to see an eMusic ad that I illustrated. Included with the ad is a thick insert that makes the book open up straight to the ad with ease! If you're an eMusic member, make sure to sign up for a chance to win a limited edition screenprinted poster of this design, signed and numbered by yours truly. The ad will be running in more magazines within the next couple of weeks including Entertainment Weekly and Playboy.

I worked on this ad while freelancing with Sarkissian Mason.


Website for Shopmate I designed while working with Sarkissian Mason. Shopmate is a platform that e-commerce sites may use to supplement their shopping experience with features like Peer-to-Peer video shopping, sales consultations, and other tools that enhance the online shopping experience.

Kate Spade

Logo exploration

for a local food website, East 20s Eats, I'm working on. Click image to enlarge.

Die-cut Hendrick's Menu

Here is a Hendrick's menu I designed. Has a fancy die-cut border as well as metallic gold printing! Ooooh la la!

Mavea's Water Blog, Inspired Water, is live.

Check out the blog I designed for Mavea. It covers all topics about and relating to water.

The redesigned Unusual Times is up!

Take a look at the new and improved Unusual Times that I designed:

Farewell Philadelphia

I present to you the gum wrappers from all the gum I chewed while working at Quaker City Mercantile/Gyro Worldwide (495 half-pieces):

Narragansett St. Patrick's Ad

An ad I designed/illustrated for St. Patrick's Day... Look familiar? I repurposed one of the 120 year icons.

Break Dance meeting

I was late for a meeting at work yesterday and as punishment was asked to breakdance for everyone. This is what happened.

'Gansett E-mail Blasts

Every week I design an e-blast to go out to Narragansett Beer's e-mail database. Here are some of my favorites from recent weeks:

Call + Response Art Opening

If you're in the area, be sure to check out Call + Response this Saturday, an art exhibit in Washington D.C that I am in with my best friend and my boyfriend (we're known collectively as Ben Savage Garden). If you don't make it out, it'll be up until February 13th (but there won't be free beer from Flying Dog every night!). To get you pumped, here's the title screen I made for our piece:

Narragansett Beer celebrates its 120th Year!

And I get to design the celebratory icon! Here are all of my presented ideas. They went with the circular seal with the gold banner.

Narragansett Christmas Promo Pieces

Easel Card and Tuck-In (these are common point-of-purchase pieces used in liquor stores), as well as an E-blast. Andres Foldvari wrote all the Christmas-appropriate rebuses.

'Gansett truck

Narragansett truck wrap that I designed.