Performance Technology Group

B2B Direct Mail Campaign
PTG is an IT consulting firm–they install servers and back up files for businesses. This direct-mail piece would be addressed to IT employees at companies that could use PTG’s services. A kit is hidden in a flowchart folder that leads you to a pouch of goodies geared toward one of two ego-driven personalities: the IT Genius or the IT Hustla’. The IT Genius persona is for the “quiet, behind-the-scenes type.” It helps IT guys take advantage of the fact that most people have no idea what their job entails. Whether it’s pretending to be working when they’re not, taking off time while at “Data Saving Seminars,” or just amusing themselves by making co-workers do unnecessary things. The IT Hustla’ persona is for the “flashy, big-money-baller type.” Someone who might put up a sign that says, “Step into my Rawfice” or make co-workers bow down before they reboot their computer.

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