Silkscreening on pleather can be such a nightmare!

I have a love-hate relationship with silkscreening. It can be super frustrating at times, but when a print comes out crisp and perfect, it really is magical. Me and my friend Amanda have had many sleepless nights this past week. We're trying to make a deadline for the Toy Punks movie premier at Atomic Pop next week, hand-silk-screening posters, which we then plan to stitch on the borders, grommet, and attach a separately silk-screened hang tag. But it seems like we've hit a bump in the road with every part of the process for this project...

Problem #1: The stencil was blurry
Solution: Use GLASS not plexiglass on top of the lightbox

Problem #2: The stencil was still blurry!
Solution: Do NOT use a Speedball screen with a 30-something mesh-count. Thank you Plaza Art Supply for your 300-count miracle screens.

Problem #3: The pleather sticks to the screen when you lift it and messes with registration.
Solution: Spray mount that pleather to the table!

Problem #4: This looks great, but why is it looking terrible after 20 prints?
Solution: Run to Rite Aid to pick up some Glycerin to slow down the ink drying.

Problem: The frustration has consumed us.
Solution: Have a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale - why not? The name seems like a remedy.

Problem: This tastes awful.
Solution: Laugh hysterically until you find yourself sitting on the kitchen floor, nostalgic for sleep.

But I guess all our trouble makes our success that much more rewarding.

Check out the premier of Toy Punks at Atomic Pop on December 7th.

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