Introducing (for all non-New-Englanders): Narragansett Beer

New client of Gyro's: Once considered New England’s beer, Narragansett Beer was on the brink of extinction when a group of investors purchased and relaunched it in 2005. I've been the lead Art Director on the rebranding project, which includes packaging, ads, the official website, e-blasts, petition collateral, trucks, murals and more. I've applied the new look to bottles, cans, boxes, shippers, etc. I never knew I'd so regularly use words like mothercase or tallboy. Also never knew how much fun it would be. I love how retro this look has become. Feels like a very classic, American, baseball-game-drinking beer.

This work was prepared for Quaker City Mercantile and its clients. It is owned exclusively by Quaker City Mercantile.

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