Hendrick's Gin Playing Cards

Deck of cards for Hendrick's that I worked on.

This work was prepared for Quaker City Mercantile and its clients. It is owned exclusively by Quaker City Mercantile.


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  2. I managed to acquire a set of these while living in Vancouver for 6 months in 2010..

    I was travelling overseas from Australia in my early 20s, and while walking through the city saw a man dressed up in Victorian English garb riding a bike with a wooden trailer attached full of cucumbers.

    This delighted me and I simply had to hurriedly approach him before he rode too far to ask him where on earth he was going dressed like that, with such a large amount of cucumbers in tow.

    He informed me of a Hendricks Gin (who at the time I believe I had only heard of any never supped) promo cocktail party occurring and told me to come along. I did and managed to get a deck of these lovely cards along with a few drinks while oggling a pretty gramophone they had in the bar.

    Since that day I have never been without a stylish pack of playing cards to pull out when needed and never been without cucumber to accompany my gin.

    Thank you for your lovely artwork! I particularly like the Jack of Spades and King of Clubs (:

    Eva J