Design Philadelphia's The Welcome House

One of the few projects I have worked on where there were absolutely NO revisions to the creative– it is a truly gratifying experience when this happens. The Welcome House is an art installation in Philadelphia's Love Park, part of Design Philadelphia, which opens October 4th and runs for 10 days. Each day, a different artist occupies a 10' by 10' box in the park, interacting with and entertaining watchers. I came up with the concept and designed the collateral promoting this event:

^ Invitation (which folds into a box - like the art space itself! Inside of box there are pictures of Love Park)
^ Invitation - flat, both sides.
^ Insert. Front and Back. This piece gets inserted into a program for Design Week. It was made to stick out an inch on the top of the brochure, with the colorful patterned tab.

^ Postcard. Visitors of the Welcome House are given blank postcards which can be filled out and sent from the exhibit to their friends/family.

And here's a bonus shot, Sadie interrupting my photo session:

This work was prepared for Quaker City Mercantile and its clients. It is owned exclusively by Quaker City Mercantile.

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