eMusic Poster

Check out the latest issue of Rolling Stone (the one with John Lennon on the cover) to see an eMusic ad that I illustrated. Included with the ad is a thick insert that makes the book open up straight to the ad with ease! If you're an eMusic member, make sure to sign up for a chance to win a limited edition screenprinted poster of this design, signed and numbered by yours truly. The ad will be running in more magazines within the next couple of weeks including Entertainment Weekly and Playboy.

I worked on this ad while freelancing with Sarkissian Mason.


Website for Shopmate I designed while working with Sarkissian Mason. Shopmate is a platform that e-commerce sites may use to supplement their shopping experience with features like Peer-to-Peer video shopping, sales consultations, and other tools that enhance the online shopping experience.

Kate Spade