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TJ Maxx The Changing Room

Who says changing rooms have to be a terrible experience? What if instead of looking at yourself with judgment, you could celebrate change – who you are and who you are becoming. This 3 day experiential pop-up in NYC did just that, by bringing inspiring, honest stories of change to spectators in an innovative and immersive way. 


The experience begins with participants selecting a Change Card from a wall. They then enter a dark space full of glowing mirrors. Stepping in front each mirror magically prompts different women to appear – telling their inspiring stories of change. Using directional sound, participants can intimately listen, face to face. Move deeper into the space, and participants enter a lecture room, where throughout the 3 day event, interactive panel discussions take place. Finally, participants are instructed to write a note to themselves in the future on their Change Cards, which can be dropped into a mailbox, and received 6 months later. For those who feel particularly inspired, there's also a recording booth to record your own story of change. 



TJ Maxx



Creative Team

Shiran Tietelbaum, Constance Leonard, Megan Skelly, Anna Winguard, Suyin Sleeman

Production Company: 

Radical Media

What exactly was my involvement?

Art Direction of experience and oversight of all design including event logo, window displays, video shoot of interviews for interactive mirrors, sound design, projector graphics, textile and wall designs, and sound booths.

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