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Narragansett Beer

While working for Quaker City Mercantile in Philly, I helped relaunch Narragansett Beer. Narragansett was a beer fondly remembered by New Englanders (it famously was the beer they drank in the movie Jaws), but in 2008, it was on the brink of extinction. I was Art Director on the rebranding & relaunch, which included packaging, ads, the official website, e-blasts, petition collateral, trucks, murals and more. I applied the new look to bottles, cans, boxes, shippers, beer taps, etc. I became well versed in the language of beer packaging, regularly using words like mothercase and tallboy. It was a very fun project, and it was super to cool to watch the brand go from basically unknown to anyone outside of New England to a go-to lovable cheap beer in bars everywhere.

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