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2019 NYC Pride was set to be the world's largest Pride day march ever, so we needed to do something that would break through the crowded space. When we learned that penis shame, especially prevalent in the gay community, can lead to unprotected sex, Trojan had to do something about it. So we turned the conversation on its head and brought a message of penis-positivity to the WorldPride Celebration, in a way that couldn't be ignored.

We rolled into Pride with the Trojan Conecocktions ice cream truck, complete with a phallic banana split topper, blasting a dingle jingle and serving up ice cream in ALL shapes and sizes. With flavors like Mighty Munchkin, Off the Hook, and Chunky Hunky, we reminded people that all types of cones are delicious, and Trojan is the cherry on top.


Listen to the full ice cream truck song here:

Be Proud of What You Got in Your BritchesTrojan
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“Trojan penis-themed ice cream truck urges all men to be proud of their 'cones'”
“Trojan Conecocktions ice cream truck is a sight to behold”
“Trojan campaign takes on penis shaming”
“An ice cream truck offering penis-inspired treats is coming to WorldPride”


Trojan Condoms​



Creative Team

Shiran Teitelbaum, Constance Leonard, Megan Skelly, Matt Webb, Reham Ibrahim, Jeremy Bernstein, Jimmie Stone

Account Team

Sal Pillay, Christopher Krautler, Meg Martin, Thomas Palladino

Shorty Awards 2020, Winner, Fitness, Health & Wellness, Trojan Conecocktions

What exactly was my involvement?

Creative ideation, design oversight, ice cream naming and recipes, review and direction for every visual element of the campaign, jingle writing/singing

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